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Shifting gears and switching lanes? Set a course for our second Insights Talk and find out how to reach milestones at your pace.

  • Location: The Office Building
  • Date & Time: 22nd Of November at 19:00
  • Topic: “What puts you in the driver’s seat in accelerating organizations?”
  • Speaker: Thomas Peckre – Head of HR Bombardier Transportation Cluj-Napoca



Our Story

Bombardier Transportation is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and is a global leader in the rail industry. We take the lead and deliver. We are mobilizing the future in more than 60 countries investing in communities around the globe to break new ground. Our Cluj-Napoca office is one of the biggest centers of operations in Romania.

Our Journey

Motivated by passion, Bombardier has always been ready to build the future of mobility and people. In addition, Bombardier has always been dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of people interested in rail and operations.

We invest in dedicated people, passionate about what they do and we created a space for all of us where you can learn and share experiences.

Bombardier Insights provides free discussions for anyone looking  to discover more about the transportation world through HR, Procurement and Finance.

Our Promise

Never settle for less than great!

Our Centre of operations in Cluj is focused on end-to-end processes. We like to build our products and people from the ground up. We can give you the tools and show you the way. Just enjoy the journey and become the best.

Learn from our stories and see yourself through our lens. Bombardier Insights will feed your curiosity and fuel your engine to success.

Register and enjoy:

  • ► Access to our library
  • ► Face to face talks with our experts
  • ► Valuable insights

Our Team

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a great team!

If you are a visionary, if you’re in for the game, we’ve got the right people to share that passion with. Trained experts in their fields with countless stories our speakers and ambassadors are eager to have a chat.

Come over and meet our team!

Adrian Dragomir – Speaker

Thomas Peckre – Speaker


Bombardier Talks

Bombardier Insights calls out to all the people looking for a forum to engage with specialists and share knowledge. You’ll have the chance to ask your questions and set a course for your career.

Let’s have a chat and see what’s the next move!

Discover Bombardier

Our open day will serve as your boarding pass to the destination: the core of Bombardier Cluj-Napoca.

See our offices, get a feel of the place and the people, get acquainted with a new style and a fresh perspective.

Our Champions

Bombardier Ambassadors will be your guides throughout the journey. Fasten your seat belt and take in all the stories and best practices they have to offer. You will have a chance to meet your future self or your future colleague.

Together we can reach the destination!

Our ambassadors: Alexandra Vacar, Madalina Sava, Ioana Gaspar, Daria Schiller, Oana Halmagean, Rodica Teglas, Andrei Crecan, Anca Barlut, Codruta Simandan, Corina Vescan, Florina Horga, Nguyen Thuy Linh, Oana Chifan, Silviu Bozdog, Ioan Mihalci, Simina Baltuta.

Bombardier Academy

Sharing stories and growing together is the trademark of Bombardier Community. We can move the world of rail industry together with our future project Bombardier Academy, phase II of Bombardier Insights.

Lifelong learning is not only for students! Through our Academy we found new ways to sustain the passionate community of HR, Procurement and Finance in Cluj who wants to grow professionally.

Stay tuned, more info soon!

On the Cover

If you are in for the game, we’ve got your team.

Some of the awesome stuff you’ll get:


Explore a new way of learning in an informal environment with great people.

Our speakers have mastered the art of Human Resources, Procurement and Finance. Their unwavering dedication and experiences takes you on an incredible journey full of knowledge and curiosities about rail industry. Our years of innovation have led us to see opportunities where others see limits.

Meet Bombardier’s inspiring people:


Find out more about our HR, Procurement and Finance specialists.

“Passion changes everything. Whatever you do, add passion and you will immediately see the difference”.

Eva Elges

Head of Financial Center of Operations in Bombardier Transportation, Cluj-Napoca.

“The set of values which are promoted in Bombardier Cluj are closely linked to the ones of the global company, with a great focus on professionalism and building partnerships. What distinguishes Bombardier is the fact that it offers a solid base for the professional and personal development of the people involved.”

Andreea Van den Bosch

Human Resources Business Partner in Bombardier Transportation Cluj-Napoca.


Make professional connections that lead to friendships. Coffee is great with us!

Celebrating success

Explore more of Bombardier Insights Talks and discover the latest updates
and the highlights from our specialists, anywhere, anytime.


Thomas Peckre

“We are working every day to enable the Bombardier business from the entire world. Our colleagues use their flexibility and adaptability in order to manage all the HR requests keeping in mind the most important role they hold: making the life of employees and line managers all over the world, as easy as possible, offering the best and faster service.”

Eva Elges

“Passion changes everything. Whatever you do, add passion and you will immediately see the difference”



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